The solutions


How do I register and become a client ?


The registration on DiaGDirect is very simple and takes only a few minutes :

1 – Download the registration process 

2 – click on Connect to the portal

For the first connection use the following login :

Login : sfrl

Mot de passe : Diag

Consideration of the customer’s degree of IT maturiyAll you will have to do is fill in the company fields and choose from the list of health and in vitro diagnostics players the different suppliers you are used to interact with. The supplier validates the registration and you will receive a confirmation within 72 hours. From then on you will be able to place your orders via DiaGDirect.


Orders 2 options
  • WEB
  • EDI
Invoices 3 options
  • Signed pdf invoices stored in your DiaGDirect vault + Link sending + pdf by email (1)
  • EDI metadata file + (1)
  • Interoperability with an interconnection (with an in-house archiving system)

Beyond solutions, advise and service

  • Business support and advice
  • Unique interlocutor for the customer and for the supplier
  • Simplified contact with your suppliers
  • Dedicated hotline from Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 18h00
  • Website management